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Ozone Tech provides the following engineering services:

  1. Engineering consulting services
  2. Feasibility studies
  3. Pilot studies
  4. System design and engineering
  5. Compliance inspections
  6. Training programs
  7. Process trouble shooting
  8. Regulatory interventions and Permitting assistances

Some of the engineered systems offered on turn key basis are:

  1. Ozone for HVAC systems for improved IAQ, by controlled return line ozone injection and automatic control.
  2. Ozone systems for chilled rooms and cold rooms for fresh produce, meat and sea food shelf life extension.
  3. Ozone system for washing of fresh produces.
  4. Ozone system for hand washing
  5. Ozone for cooling water systems
  6. Ozone system for public rest rooms for disinfection & odour control.
  7. Micro bubble systems for water, waste water and agri food applications.